10/40 Window Map

What Are the Most Important 10/40 Window Prayer Points?

The most important 10/40 window prayer points are the ones that allow the highest possible number of people to hear about Jesus. Many organizations and churches are working to reach the more than 8,000 people groups that populate this area. More than 5 billion people live within the 10/40 window, and most of them have never heard of Jesus.[1]

We can pray for more workers to minister through organizations like GFA World.

Our work is centered on humanitarian aid that makes a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve. The vast majority of the world’s poor live in these countries. Their needs are deep and immediate. GFA has spent decades learning about the multi-layered issues around poverty and how best to help people within their unique cultures and geographies.

Pray for creativity and discernment for those serving in these areas.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for the problems they face. The terrains and issues are many and varied within these countries, from deserts and rain forests to floods, drought and malaria. Each situation calls for tender understanding of how things work within that particular culture and how best to serve in light of those cultural moors that cannot be ignored.

Pray for the billions of children in these countries.

Jesus said to let the little children come to Him.[2] He knows their plight and wants to provide for them. One of the ways GFA meets the needs of children in a compassionate way is through our Child Sponsorship Program. Every child who is sponsored is helped with vital assistance like nutritious food, clean water, tutoring help and medical care.

Pray for more sponsors, as this is a proven and accepted way to care for and reach people.

If a parent sees and knows that their child is being cared for by GFA program staff, not only can they gain some peace in their vulnerable life, but they can accept the friendship and care that is offered, too. These relationships are vital in sharing the true way to peace.

Pray about whether you should be a sponsor for one of these little children.

It’s a monthly commitment of $35 that will help change the course of their life and likely that of their entire family. You may not be able to travel to the 10/40 window, but GFA is already positioned and praying for people like you to join us in our work.

Sponsor a child today and pray for him or her. It will likely change your life, too.

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