10/40 Window Map

Understanding the 10/40 Window Map

The 10/40 window map is a visual way of seeing where the most people live who do not ascribe to the Christian faith. The ‘10’ and ‘40’ refer to 10 degrees and 40 degrees north latitude on the earth’s globe, from Morocco to Japan. The original map of 10/40 window countries only included countries with at least 50% of their land mass within those latitudinal degrees. A revised 10/40 window map now includes countries that are close to this geographic area with significant populations who are also inaccessible.[1]

The 10/40 window countries include many different religious groups, including Islam and traditional Asian religions. Additionally, this area holds more than 5 billion people, comprised of 8,882 different people groups. It is a significant area of the world for its historical importance and population density. If drawn on a physical map, it looks like one large rectangle encompassing more than 60 countries.[2]

The term ‘10/40 window’ was first used by missionary researcher Luis Bush in 1990 as Christians looked to have the largest impact possible through missions.[3] Historically, those in the 10/40 window have had very little interaction with Christians or the Bible. They may have never heard of Jesus of Nazareth.[4]

In addition to the Muslim and traditional Asian religions, there are also millions of people in this area who are atheist, meaning they follow no religion at all. This also makes it a primary place for Christians to extend the Great Commission that Jesus gave before he left earth.

This is why it’s so important Christians take time for 10/40 window prayer. Prayer can feel like you are doing nothing, but it is, in fact, one of the most powerful tools that God has given his Church. GFA World’s dedication to prayer has its roots in history, originating over three decades ago when a small gathering of a faithful group of believers who began to meet regularly on Tuesday evenings in K.P. and Gisela Yohannan’s living room.[5]

This large area is also home to some of the poorest people groups in the world. This means that one of the 10/40 window prayer points should be for the poor of these regions. GFA longs to pray for and to serve the immediate needs of as many people as we can reach. One of the greatest needs is for the vulnerable children in these areas. GFA’s monthly prayer focus often includes children and families. To think of children going to bed hungry and in need of so much is devastating, but we can pray.

GFA national missionaries rely on prayer, too, as they try to bring hope and help to children. Through the child sponsorship program, Sumit, a GFA national worker, got to know a little boy named Niral. Niral was withdrawn and shy, but Sumit felt great compassion for him and befriended him.[6]

Sumit nurtured and cared for Niral. Then Niral got sick and didn’t come to the program for a while. His mother came to inform Sumit of the boy’s condition, and the GFA Child Sponsor Program staff committed to praying for him. Sumit would visit Niral and pray for him by his side. Soon their prayers were answered, and Niral recovered. Through this trial, Niral and his family learned to pray, as well.

The care and love provided by GFA workers through the child sponsorship program developed an important relationship with Niral and his family. The program not only helps with very practical things like meals and after-school tutoring, but it also forges stronger communities, with caring relationships where prayer can make a difference. These relationships are vital to helping communities that are gripped by poverty, lack of education and many other issues.

You can join GFA’s prayer team today and watch God work in the lives of those living in the 10/40 window map. You can also sponsor a child like Niral and know that the caring workers through GFA will pray for them as you do. Think of it as a strong, three-fold cord: GFA, you and the sponsored child.

“Pray about everything,” Philippians tells us.[7] We can pray for more GFA workers, for the people they serve each day, for opportunities to demonstrate God’s love within the 10/40 window and for how God is calling us to join them in their work. A child sponsorship is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do this. It’s also very personal. You will be able to pray for your child by name, knowing that you are actively asking God for the best in their life.

This window of countries needs our prayers and our practical support. Partner with GFA today to join the myriad of ways these people are being reached and cared for. Prayer is active, and giving is good. Together, they can bring the miraculous.

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