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What Should I Ask for in a 10/40 Window Prayer?

In a 10/40 window prayer, ask God to soften the hearts and souls of the billions of people living there, that they might accept the help and care of those wanting to serve them.

According to Pray 10/40, “The 10/40 Window is home to 83% of the world’s remaining unreached people groups and over 90% of the world’s remaining frontier people groups. The vast majority of these people groups follow Islam, Buddhism, … , Ethnic Religions, or are non-religious.”[1]

Prayers can include things like:
– access to the Bible in their language,
– the allowance of missionaries into their country,
– for God to raise up believers in those countries to serve their fellow citizens,
– and for the resources needed to help them in deeply practical ways.

Destitute living conditions are the norm in several of the countries in this region, especially in Africa. According to Pray 10/40, “. . . many Asian countries of the 10/40 Window have seen incredible improvement in their extreme poverty rates, while many sub-Saharan African countries have not seen the same improvement. The progress of the Asian countries has shifted the extreme poverty issue from a broad 10/40 Window issue to a more concentrated sub-Saharan Africa issue.”[2]

Often the most loving way to enter into someone’s life is with practical help. This is one of the proven ways GFA World reaches groups in this area. Specifically, GFA developed its child sponsorship program in order to care for children and, therefore, to care for the whole community.

The sponsorship program helps get and keep children in school, as well as providing basic necessities, like nutritious food, school supplies and clean water. These small things can help a child avoid some of the great dangers of child labor, human trafficking and more.

Pray that more hearts would be moved so that these precious children can be matched with a sponsor who will pray for them by name, knowing the dangers they face but trusting God is caring for them and providing a better future for them through GFA workers.

This special partnership between a sponsor, GFA workers and the child is a hopeful way of serving the at-risk people groups in the 10/40 window. These people may seem a long way away, but God has made it possible for us to enter into a loving relationship with them in a meaningful, practical way.

Our prayers are like incense rising to heaven before a loving God who knows each of the more than 5 billion souls within these countries. He longs for each of them to know his love and care, and we can be the ones who help introduce them to Him. 

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