10/40 window

What Do 10/40 Window Missionaries Do?

GFA World’s 10/40 window missionaries are faced with difficult circumstances, but they love God and follow His command to reach those who’ve never heard His Good News. They are uniquely qualified to share God’s love with people whose culture is their own. 

Sothear is just one of many missionaries working in the “Resistant Belt.” Thirty years ago, he was the first person in his village to receive Christ, and it changed his life. He went to Bible college for training, which equipped him to return to his village to share the Good News. Through Sothear’s teaching, many people became believers, and one church after another was started until there were six established churches. God was truly working!

However, there was a need for a church home in Sothear’s own village. Unlike the other five churches, the congregants in his village had no permanent structure. They had been meeting for worship in a makeshift building for decades because the believers lacked the money to buy land or materials for a permanent place. In Asia, a project like this could cost anywhere between $10,000 and $40,000. Sothear shared the need, believing that a more permanent location would not only encourage and help existing believers but also invite curious community members to ask about the building and the faith it represents. 

Sothear and his congregation trusted God, and He provided. In 2021, construction was finished on a beautiful church building capable of holding 170 believers. Pastors, missionaries and faithful congregants gathered to celebrate. “I am very happy to build this new and big church building after 30 years of my ministry,” Pastor Sothear said. “Sometimes, my believers used to question me, ‘The churches you planted later were able to build a church building, but why are you not able to build our own church?’ My answer to their question used to be, ‘Be patient and pray to God. He will provide in time.’ As a result of our patience and prayers, God has provided for the church building. I am so happy and thankful to God.”[1]

Many more pastors and missionaries like Sothear are working in the darkest places in the world. Over 98 percent of GFA’s graduates go on to work where the Gospel has never been shared. There are no churches in these areas to support them as they minister full time, so they rely on donations to fund their ministries and provide for their needs. It takes between $120 and $360 a month to support a national missionary through GFA, and you can be part of that with just $30 a month.[2]

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