10/40 window

What Are the 10/40 Window Nations?

A recent revision has added several countries to the list of 10/40 window nations, highlighting the growing need to share the Gospel with the most inaccessible people in the world. Albania is now included, as well as Azerbaijan, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. The revision acknowledges countries that have large populations who have yet to hear about Christ that are not completely—or even mostly—inside the 10 degrees north to 40 degrees north latitudes.[1]

GFA World works in many of the Asian countries that have always been on the list. Surprisingly, a number of the most populated countries in the world are largely untouched. In China, for example, 441 out of the 545 people groups are considered inaccessible. The largest religion in China is atheism, and only 9 percent of the population is Christian.[2]

GFA has a presence in China, despite the government highly restricting the practice of Christianity. Even though persecution is reported in most parts of China, the “underground” church is faithful in reaching out with the Gospel, regardless of the extreme consequences of being caught doing so. GFA is part of that effort.[3]

GFA also has a large presence in the South Asia region where many large cities are overcrowded and work is scarce. When people can’t find work and can’t afford to return to their small villages, they have no other option but to live in large, slum areas, with no visible hope of a better future. These are the areas where GFA works to reach the poorest of the poor with God’s love and the hope that flows from that love.

GFA is working in many ways and in many places to share the love of Christ with those who have never heard. National missionaries understand the culture and how best to communicate the Good News. GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program meets the basic needs of kids, so they can see God’s love at work. Disaster relief efforts rescue victims during tragedy, and workers help rebuild communities after the dust has settled, displaying God’s constant presence and care. GFA also develops communities to help pull families and villages out of disease and poverty, allowing people to see the power and love of Christ.[4] It takes many working together to maintain all these ministries.

Please consider joining this mission to reach the lost in the 10/40 window and beyond by sponsoring a missionary or a child or by simply donating toward GFA’s efforts.

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