How to Sponsor a Family for Christmas

Why Should I Sponsor a Goat for a Family?

To sponsor a goat for a family is to help them begin a new life. Goats gestate for only 5 months. The first birth will be one or two goats, but subsequent births will often be two to even four kids. This means that what started as a gift of two goats can become a goat farm in a year, producing milk and cheese for consumption or producing income.

So, imagine a family of four or more in dire poverty. The parents have no education, meaning they can only get manual labor jobs, such as working in fields or making bricks. These menial and low-paying jobs do nothing to help a family move past poverty, no matter how hard they work. The parents have no shortage of work ethic or desire to provide for their family, but the opportunities are just not there.

This is where GFA World missionaries love to come to their assistance and provide the means for more, all in the name of Christ. We have learned what types of farm animals and other items are most beneficial to those struggling in poverty. Our Christmas Gift Catalog is full of ideas for you and your family to dream about gifting to a family across the world.

With these gifts, families have been able to start goat farms, chicken farms and more. The animals are gifts that continue to give far beyond their own lives. Review our Christmas Gift Catalog and dream about the change you can help bring about in a family’s life. Get excited together as a family thinking about the joy such an unexpected gift would bring to their lives.

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