How to Sponsor a Family for Christmas

What Are the Benefits of Sponsoring a Family for Christmas?

Sponsoring a family for Christmas is an immense joy during our most festive time of the year. Every gift or donation made will benefit those who are facing significant struggles in their lives. Receiving a life-changing gift is a huge demonstration of God’s loving care to families, and choosing a gift to give can become a rich and meaningful tradition for you and your family.

There was a time when the majority of people on Earth lived in poverty. That started shifting in the last 200 years of history. Our World in Data explains: “Economic growth made it possible to leave the widespread extreme poverty of the past behind. It made the difference between a society in which the majority were lacking even the most basic goods and services – food, decent housing and clothes, healthcare, public infrastructure and transport – and a society in which these products are widely available.”[1]

In fact, if we look at the last 200 years of history, we can be especially proud of humanity’s progress in reducing poverty worldwide. Stimulating economies, expanding education and increasing available goods and services have all been a part of the way that poverty has been reduced.

Through GFA World, whenever you sponsor a family, whether during the holidays or at other times, you are actually helping to combat poverty across the globe. We offer gifts through our Christmas Gift Catalog for generous partners like you to donate to those in need. These are not one-time gifts that bless for a moment. Instead, they provide ways to build income streams, start businesses and much more. Families who could only work menial jobs before now can have their own farm animals, providing milk, meat and cheese not only for themselves, but also for those around them. This, in turn, blesses the whole community, lifting more people out of poverty.

Look through the GFA catalog. Are the goats adorable? Is a cow something you had as a child and know the joys of raising? Maybe you’ve never even seen a water buffalo, but it sounds fun to give such an amazing gift to a needy family.

Let your heart and prayers guide you as you consider each option. There are gifts for under $20 and those over $1,000. Any and all of them will change someone’s life for the better. Remember, progress has been made against poverty, but millions still live with the reality of need every day. You can change that through a gift that exemplifies the love of Jesus Christ.

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[1] “Extreme Poverty: How Far Have We Come, How Far Do We Still Have To Go?” Our World in Data. November 22, 2021.