What Is the 10/40 Window

How is GFA World Impacting the 10/40 Window?

GFA World is active in much of the 10/40 window, including Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, China and other countries.[1]

Friends and supporters of GFA have been gifting animals to families in South Asia for over a decade. Gifts like these make a life-changing difference to a family and can help break the cycle of poverty.

Kalman is a great example of how GFA’s ministry works:[2]

A simple gift helped Kalman change the trajectory of his life and the life of his family. He was living on a small plot of land which wasn’t big enough to farm, so he worked as a manual laborer. As hard as he worked, he could not earn enough money to support his family. When a GFA missionary saw his need, he gifted Kalman with a pig! That simple gift had ripple-effects of blessing. That one sow delivered eight piglets, and Kalman sold them for $40 each. Another litter brought more piglets, and he was able to gift one to a neighbor and help their family too. Now two families have been blessed!

The money Kalman earned from the piglets has allowed him to buy a goat and some chickens. The goats provide milk, and the chickens provide eggs to eat or sell. “We do not have any problems now to pay the school fees for our children and to meet all their needs in school. … We also have purchased roofing sheets to construct our house,” says Kalman.

Kalman and his family have learned valuable skills through this gift. They are now self-supporting and have risen out of poverty. Just one gift can make a life-changing difference in the lives of those living in destitution.

What a wonderful testimony of how a national missionary saw a tangible need and was able to impact two families in such a life-changing way with such a simple gift! When a family is self-sufficient, the children are more likely to stay in school and the family has more hope for the future. Such gifts may have eternal benefits, too, as the missionary returns to speak with the families who received them and pray with them. Hope comes from above as people learn the Good News of Jesus.

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