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See how you can participate in helping us transform impoverished communities in Asia, Africa and other parts of the world. 

Since 1979, GFA World (formerly Gospel for Asia), a major clean water charity, has been committed to serving the “least of these” in Asia and Africa, often in places where no one else is ministering. We look to partner with families worldwide to make an impact on the lives of impoverished families in generational poverty in developing nations in tangible and practical ways, so they can experience the love of God for the first time.

GFA also facilitates sponsorship of numerous national, indigenous missionaries in Africa and Asia who serve as the hands and feet of Christ in four ways: ministering to people’s everyday concerns surrounding poverty and education, sponsoring hopeless children at risk for neglect, child labor, child marriage or even child slavery, investing in community development projects where there are major difficulties like water scarcity or water stress, and helping families with various needs for vocations or adult literacy, or requiring special care from disaster relief organizations like GFA World.

Through a missionary sponsorship, we connect you with a national worker who’s addressing global poverty in a developing nation in Asia, or tackling poverty in Africa. Your partnership with these humble servants of God enables you to minister to people’s deepest needs both physically and spiritually, in communities that have been hit hard by pandemic poverty, or are in desperate need, like those suffering from ongoing poverty in Asia. Through these indigenous, local men and women missionaries, sharing the love of Christ often starts with a cup of clean water for a family, or water solutions for a thirsty village, or a bag of life-saving food for the hungry, or a free medical exam for the sick … many of whom have healthcare access barriers, or a warm blanket for those in a cold weather crisis, or a sewing machine for a single parent in need of a job.

As we minister to families’ everyday needs, and continue helping the poor, and show the love of Jesus in practical ways like resolving child poverty, period poverty and toilet poverty, people often request that we further share with them about God’s grace and good news.

We can also connect you with a child at risk from impoverished families, so that you can provide hope for children and a brighter future through GFA’s Child Sponsorship Program. This sponsorship program provides a way for desperate children at risk of child exploitation in Rwanda, India, Nepal or generational slums in Asia to receive a hope-filled future through an boys or girls education, medical checkups, nutritious food and much more, all provided in Jesus’ name. You can even sponsor a child in Africa or sponsor a family for Christmas!

Finally, so many of the poor families living in generational poverty in the communities we serve do not have even the basic necessities needed for healthy living. Parents in these countries with child labor often earn less than $2 a day in wages and continuously struggle to provide for their children’s ongoing needs. Many are negatively affected by the global water crisis and need access to clean water, or are devastated by the causes of child labor (here are child labor examples).  But, through your gifts and prayers, we meet these needs by providing essential resources like well drilling to access clean water projects in Africa and Asia; by empowering girls; by addressing the plight of widows; and by providing income producing farm animals, sewing machines, vocational training, and adult literacy programs.

By partnering with GFA World (one of the charities that help widows) — a global outreach and clean water charity — you focus on the common reasons for poverty, address poverty mindsets, and provide poverty solutions, even as you participate in the war on poverty by transforming impoverished communities, both economically and spiritually, in developing nations and global slums all around the world.

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“Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD of hosts.” —Zechariah 4:6

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Request10/40 Window Map to help you pray about areas in the world that are struggling with the effects of poverty; combating forced labor; combating poverty and inequality; overcoming barriers to healthcare access; or are involved in slum rehabilitation or poverty alleviation via livestock. Your prayers and financial support can go a long way in helping GFA World to meet pressing needs in these developing areas.